Donkey day

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Here As The Centre Of The World
Khartoum, 2007

DONKEY DAY 14-02-07, Khartoum

Duration: 2 hours in the evening
Place: behind the market of El Deam-street in Khartoum, Sudan
Project by; Nisren Abasher (SU), Jae-min Kim (KR), Danielle Davidson (NL) Part of Here As The Centre Of The World, (HATCOW) Of the DAI.


Donkey Day was an attempt to inspire a relationship of mutual respect between working donkeys and their owner’s. This took place behind El Deam street, a bustling market street – an environment that transformed by night.

For this event owners washed their donkeys and decorated them with remnants of textile. The day took place on the 14th of February, 2007 on Valentine’s Day. There was food for both donkeys and people; it was a celebration. Owners were given the option to nominate the most beautiful donkey of the day. There was a first and a second place.

This day could not have taken place, without the great co-operation of Ali, who worked with donkeys himself on El Deam Street. He was a contactperson to the donkey owners and helped preparing them and their donkeys.

It was a great succes with the owners responding enthusiastically and the event developing and progressing late into the day.

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Daniëlle Davidson