Passing the wall

Part of
Here As The Centre Of The World
Khartoum, 2007

Passing the wall, Khartoum

Duration: 2 hours in the evening
Place: El Deam-street in Khartoum, Sudan
Summary: The speed of life in El Deam Street captured by light.
Project by; Nisren Abasher (SU), Jae-min Kim (KR), Danielle Davidson (NL)


Coming from Holland and Korea, we noticed that the pace of life in Sudan was different to ours; people walked in a slower rythm, and the forms of transportation had different characteristics, speeds and appearances.

We projected a light onto a wall, bringing together different ‘speeds’ of Sudanese life. Spectators watched how layers of the street were captured by light and projected, in shadows, onto the wall like a cinema screen.

The people of El Deam helped with the preparations and during the projection people started to gather in front of the wall. Initially the work was about the various speeds on the street, but people started to experiment with the light and make their own choreography, attracting even more people to join in.

A couple played football; playing with different sizes of shadows and people started to make the event their own and interact with music. During the evening the crowd grew. They stayed and the wall transformed into a theatre.

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Daniëlle Davidson