Poexistence/ poexistencia

Join us for poetic interdisciplinary improvisational compositions

“Poexistence – Poetic practices of online creation and existence” is a research project with live broadcast and audience participation.

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Created by Clarice Rito, Daniëlle Davidson and Catharine Cary, with the objective of bringing together Brazilian, Dutch and French artists (and perhaps people from all over the world), the project starts on October 15th, with two sessions each week, each lasting 40 minutes.

To watch all live streams, enter the YouTube “Poexistência / Poexistence” channel  

To know and follow the project, go to: https://www.facebook.com/poexistencia.poexistence

The Friday sessions take place at 15:00 AMT

The Sunday sessions take place at 20:00 in Amsterdam


* October 15th and 17th – In conversation with nature

* October 22nd and 24th – Water thoughts

* October 29th and 31st – Consumption and waste

* November 5th & 7th – Can you take us to an inclusive public space?